Big update today. Even though the world is still going through so much pain and uncertainty we're more then happy to be able to finally post again about coming shows.

It still will be a long journey but hopefully this announcement will take some relief and hope to you all. More to come make sure to stay tuned and see you out there on the road again soon!

Aftershock - Sacramento, CA - October 8 2021

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Here's a short video preview of Bubby Lewis new bass inSTrumental version of the ST song "God Only Knows Who I Am" off the album 13.

The full track will appear on an upcoming compilation of guitar and bass inSTrumental versions of ST songs as well as a couple of ST covers.

Bubby's instagram is @bubbylewis. Make sure to follow him for some of the moST amazing bass playing you’ll ever hear! Originally from Flint, Michigan and relocated to LA. he has played with Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Lupe Fiasco, Jhene Aiko, Stevie Wonder and lots more, as well as ST. He also has a solo record that came out in 2017 and is available in all platforms. Go get it!

Check this out and look out for the full version coming soon.

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We are back with another episode of Music Monday (on Tuesday,lol).

This week we are proud to present Josh Paul, who takes over on the bass for another inSTruMental track, this time playing "The Logical Bass of a Lunatic".

This was originally a Cyco Miko track of the cd "The Mad, Mad Muir Musical Tour" released in 2011.

Again the vocals were removed and Josh took over the bass and created this new version with Paul Northfield mixing.

It was great having Josh be a part of this. Having started in ST when he was only 17 in the middle 90's, his first recording with ST was the "Freedumb" album and then "Free your Soul...and Save My Mind" as well as a bunch of other recordings and live shows.

Josh has also played on countless cds, toured and recorded for countless bands. 

Look him up and follow for more info. 

Here is a lil video teaser sample to give you a taste of the track.

Look for the full release of this and more on the upcoming vinyl compilation on Suicidal Records later this year and look for another song next week.

Thanx for the support. STay STrong, STay Cyco!

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“As a long time Suicidal Tendencies fanatic, playing with these guys has been unreal. When Mike asked me to create a new rendition of the song "Happy Never After" from the SxTx album "World Gone Mad", it was a challenge considering I'm such a fan of the original sound. I knew the expectations were that I had to take it somewhere completely new so I just threw it all to the wall. Hope you enjoy." - Ben Weinman

Here's a short video teaser of Ben's InstruMental guitar version of the Suicidal Tendencies song "Happy Never After" off "World Gone Mad".

The drawings were done by Villy from Argentina who was the ST artist of the month in May for her art version of "War Inside My Head" (video is posted).

The vocals were removed and then Ben added some craziness to take the song on a new journey, one that might cause you to speed if you're driving your car, with a video game track on steroids kind of sonic attack.

The full track will be featured along with other instrumental lead guitar and lead bass tracks as well as some new versions of some ST songs performed by "22Below"(Monopoly on Sorrow) and Nisha STar (Alone).

Look for this vinyl compilation to be out in November on Suicidal Records.

Thanx for the support. STay STrong, STay Cyco!

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