Adam Siegel- Artist of the month.

The ArtiST of the month continues with the multi talented Adam Seigel as the ArtiST of the month for April.
Adam was originally featured on the one and only classic "Welcome to Venice" compilation that came in 1985 featuring the classic artwork by the incredible artist Michael Seiff.
Adam was guitarist for Excel, one of the bands appearing on the compilation, which also included No Mercy, Beowulf, Los Cycos and of course Suicidal Tendencies.
Adam later joined Infectious Grooves on guitar, along with Dean Pleasants (and later played with many other including My Head and The Eels) and did all the original Infectious Grooves artwork including "The Plague that makes your booty move" album cover, as well as Sarsippius Ark, Groove Family Cyco and Borracho.

Adam also did the Suicidal Tendencies album covers for both "Freedumb" and "Free your Soul and Save my Mind".
Then in 1990 he did the artwork for the "Send Me Your Money" t-shirt, a song off SxTx's "Lights, Camera, Revolution"

Long out of print, we are bringing this classic art back. Full 11 colors on t-shirt and also our first ever full color waterproof windbreaker.
Adam is an still doing art and playing writing and recording music and is one of the nicest, moST talented people you will ever meet.
Please check out the newly reintroduced "$end me your Money" collection and huge thanks to Adam Siegel.
Check the full "Artist Series" HERE!

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Here's our March installment for the 'Artist Series'!

Mark 'Geltchy' Geltch is an artist from Australia that have collaborated with the band on few projects in the past years including the full artwork of our release 'World Gone Mad' and back artwork for the record '13'.

Some of you may remember a surfboard that we displayed at our merch booth a few years ago during our tours that was from Mark as well.

Now available his interpretation of the song 'Heaven' off the album 'Freedumb' on high quality Black and White T-shirts...I'd say perfect timing looking at whats going around in the world.

Buy with confidence, no restrictions that has and will be in place in California or USA will affect us as we a home operated Company.

Orders fulfilled as usual and shipped in 24 hours top on business days!

Get yours HERE!

STay safe out there!

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Hello All!

Don't need to tell anyone these are some crazy times. We all are going thru our own things in our own way.

As lots of us are basically on lockdown, hopefully we can all get thru this with some sanity and compassion besides just toilet paper.

Long story short, my dad will be 91 next month. He had two operations at the end of last year and then fell and broke his neck at the beginning of the year. He just got out of the hospital and rehabilitation center and is back home now, but know what this virus can do to him and my mom.

Our tour manager's family is in lockdown in Italy and he doesn't know when he will be able to see them.

I went on and on about the people that we work with all around the world and how they are in basic lockdown, but decided to stop and leave it at this... you may not know the people, but we all have lots in common...

Friends who have businesses they don't know what's gonna happen. People out of work that don't know how long. On and on. Lots of people going thru the same thing and others with unique situations that are made extremely difficult... And of course the unknown is the toughest for lots of us.

As for the band, as you know lots of tours and festivals have and will be postponed or cancelled. Promoters are scrambling and we will let you know more as we find out.

Hopefully we'll all get thru this and we'll all learn something. I don't want to make this about right or wrong or what who should do what or not do. Just say, be safe and do what you can for your loved ones and when you can for those that don't have any to help them.

Lastly, since we are basically on lockdown here, we discussed doing some things we probably wouldn't have or didn't have time to...

Ra and I got in the studio and did a new version of "Scream out" from the album "Freedumb" in Spanish. Being from Chile, Ra took extra pride in this and being that my Spanish is "no bueno" I did my best and hopefully it will come across in a good way. I sure know it was good to "gritarlo", scream my lungs out again in any language.

Also, they say it's good to know when to be quiet... And in the past we have done a few instrumental tracks. Now we are finishing those up and gonna do an old school vinyl release with songs from ST members and people related to ST.

Ra is doing a bass instrumental of "Gonna be Alright". Dean Pleasants is doing a guitar instrumental of "This World". Ben Weinman is doing a guitar instrumental of "Happy Never After". Also on Bass we have instrumental tracks from Josh Paul, Bubby Lewis and Saya Gray. Tim Stewart and Ricky Tillo from "thebandknives". Plus two cover songs: 22 below with, "Monopoly on Sorrow" and Nisha STar doing "Asleep at the wheel".

Ra will be doing some "interviews" with all involved and get some behind the scenes input. Hopefully you'll enjoy this project and we will have more info soon.

Lastly, the artist of the month for March will Mark Geltch from Australia. Mark did the "World Gone Mad" cover and back cover of "13", etc. Mark choose to do a design for "Heaven" off the album "Freedumb". We will post a video he made about it this week, which includes an acoustic version of the song "Heaven" sung by Nisha STar and acoustic guitar by Tim Stewart.

Thanx to all for the continued support.

STay Safe, STay Sane, STay Cyco!


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Let me steal you just a second wishing you all the best. 

We all are overwhelmed with news and crazy scenarios so we really hope you're all doing well and safe out there. 

We're in constant contact with our booking agents monitoring the situation, if any of our upcoming shows will be affected we'll promptly post on our official webpage and social media so please follow us there to make sure you get the latest news. 

On merch/orders : no matter what restrictions will be announced we'll be able to operate at full force anyways.

The Cyco compound includes our studio, printing facility, warehouse and offices...and ourselves. Due to that we'll be able to continue to operate 100% during these hard times and keeping on fulfilling orders in 24h max and shipping daily with no delays.

That said go and check our new wall banners, just released and ready for purchase HERE!

STay safe out there!

The SxTx Familia

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