With all that's going on it's hard to believe 2020 is now half way over! And safe to say no one really could have predicted where we would be now, and unfortunately it's been a very rough go for lots and sadly Covid has taken the health, lives and lively hood for way too many people.

So firST, we hope that everyone is safe and healthy and dealing with all their STruggles, challenges, and even opportunities as beST they can.

As for ST, we thought we would be on tour in Europe playing festivals. Unfortunately the music has stopped (literally), along with so many other things.
It doesn't look like "live" will be an option anytime soon. Some of the shows, tours and festivals that were postponed have and will be getting new dates for next year. We will keep you posted and more info comes and we definitely appreciate all the support that we have received over the years and especially now.
On a positive note, once again we want to remind you of the artist of the month for June was Villy Villian from Argentina. Villy did an amazing artistic interpretation of the song "War inside my Head". Please watch the video of her telling a showing a bit of the process of the making of the artwork HERE.

You can still get the shirt and bandana of this and we did a LIMITED run of it in the black Basketball Jerseys that we cuSTom make. Check it out, and the previous artist of the months, and look out for many more upcoming special programs we are working on now.
Check out our "Artist Series" Collection HERE.
LaSTly on this date June 30th, 1992 the ST album, "The Art of Rebellion" was released.
For the next Suicidal Records release will be a compilation which will include 2 new cover versions of songs that were on the record.
The band 22 Below from Holland did a new version of "Monopoly on Sorrow" and Nisha STar and her Brasilian band recorded a more semi-acoustic version of "Asleep at the Wheel". Our long time friend and amazing guitarist Tim STewart also played acoustic guitar on the song.
Tim STewart and Ricky Tillo will also be featured playing on a guitar inSTrumental track on this record. Other guitar instrumental tracks will be ST guitarists Dean Pleasants, who also recorded a video for his version of "This World" and Ben Weinman's version of "Happy Ever After".
And the bass will be featured with inSTrumental bass tracks by Ra Diaz, Josh Paul, Bubby Lewis and Saya Grey.
We will have more info on this project and all the people involved very soon.
Again thanx for the support, STay STrong, STay Cyco!

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Unfortunately due to the Corona virus, concerts and gatherings pretty much all around the World are being cancelled.
Obviously peoples health and safety come first at this time and it's out of our hands.
Hellfest in France that both ST and IG were supposed to play this year has been cancelled and they are hoping to move to June 2021.
All the upcoming ST shows and festivals in May, June, July and August have been cancelled or postponed to next year.
We hopefully will have info on the postponed shows.

Also, the Infectious Grooves show at the Warfield Theatre on June 13th has been cancelled.
If you purchased your tickets via AXS online or phone, a refund will automatically be issued to the credit card you used to purchase within 30 business days. Otherwise, refunds are available at your original point of purchase.

Because no one really knows at this time when they things will go back "to normal", most festivals and events can't be moved and are setting up for next year or cancelling.
Again, we'll have more info as we get it, but it will probably be awhile before anyone really knows what's going on.
ln the meantime, STay Safe and Sane!

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Adam Siegel- Artist of the month.

The ArtiST of the month continues with the multi talented Adam Seigel as the ArtiST of the month for April.
Adam was originally featured on the one and only classic "Welcome to Venice" compilation that came in 1985 featuring the classic artwork by the incredible artist Michael Seiff.
Adam was guitarist for Excel, one of the bands appearing on the compilation, which also included No Mercy, Beowulf, Los Cycos and of course Suicidal Tendencies.
Adam later joined Infectious Grooves on guitar, along with Dean Pleasants (and later played with many other including My Head and The Eels) and did all the original Infectious Grooves artwork including "The Plague that makes your booty move" album cover, as well as Sarsippius Ark, Groove Family Cyco and Borracho.

Adam also did the Suicidal Tendencies album covers for both "Freedumb" and "Free your Soul and Save my Mind".
Then in 1990 he did the artwork for the "Send Me Your Money" t-shirt, a song off SxTx's "Lights, Camera, Revolution"

Long out of print, we are bringing this classic art back. Full 11 colors on t-shirt and also our first ever full color waterproof windbreaker.
Adam is an still doing art and playing writing and recording music and is one of the nicest, moST talented people you will ever meet.
Please check out the newly reintroduced "$end me your Money" collection and huge thanks to Adam Siegel.
Check the full "Artist Series" HERE!

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Here's our March installment for the 'Artist Series'!

Mark 'Geltchy' Geltch is an artist from Australia that have collaborated with the band on few projects in the past years including the full artwork of our release 'World Gone Mad' and back artwork for the record '13'.

Some of you may remember a surfboard that we displayed at our merch booth a few years ago during our tours that was from Mark as well.

Now available his interpretation of the song 'Heaven' off the album 'Freedumb' on high quality Black and White T-shirts...I'd say perfect timing looking at whats going around in the world.

Buy with confidence, no restrictions that has and will be in place in California or USA will affect us as we a home operated Company.

Orders fulfilled as usual and shipped in 24 hours top on business days!

Get yours HERE!

STay safe out there!

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