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We are back with another episode of Music Monday (on Tuesday,lol).

This week we are proud to present Josh Paul, who takes over on the bass for another inSTruMental track, this time playing "The Logical Bass of a Lunatic".

This was originally a Cyco Miko track of the cd "The Mad, Mad Muir Musical Tour" released in 2011.

Again the vocals were removed and Josh took over the bass and created this new version with Paul Northfield mixing.

It was great having Josh be a part of this. Having started in ST when he was only 17 in the middle 90's, his first recording with ST was the "Freedumb" album and then "Free your Soul...and Save My Mind" as well as a bunch of other recordings and live shows.

Josh has also played on countless cds, toured and recorded for countless bands. 

Look him up and follow for more info. 

Here is a lil video teaser sample to give you a taste of the track.

Look for the full release of this and more on the upcoming vinyl compilation on Suicidal Records later this year and look for another song next week.

Thanx for the support. STay STrong, STay Cyco!