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Here's a sample of the Solo Lead Bass version of "Gonna Be All Bass" by Suicidal Tendencies bassist Ra Diaz. This is the song "Gonna be All Right" off STill Cyco Punk by Suicidal Tendencies, with the vocals removed and Ra taking over and adding a Lead Bass. This 1 minute sample should be lesson one for any one that wants to play bass. Switching from fingering, to slapping to tapping, to harmonies, it's a mini sample of what the bass is. 

The full version will be out on the upcoming compilation on Suicidal Records  and will include other bass player's doing taking over on lead bass for more instruMentals, as well as some instruMental guitar tracks. You can also see videos for a couple new takes on ST songs, "Alone" by Nisha STar and "Monopoly on Sorrow" by 22BELLOW. More samples and videos coming soon. 

Video: Ra Diaz

Artist: Ra Diaz

Song: Gonna Be All Bass

Release date: Fall 2020