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It's Music Monday again and today we're featuring our own Dean Pleasants.

This is the video teaser to Suicidal Tendencies and Infectious Grooves guitarist Dean Pleasants' firST video and release from his upcoming solo inSTrumental album.

The music to "This World" was originally released on the SxTx album, "13". Here the vocals are "removed" and Dean let's the guitars do the talking.

Dean was the original guitarist in Infectious Grooves and then joined Suicidal Tendencies in 1997 when they got back together after a short hiatus. Dean's also played guitar on numerous gold and platinum albums as well as lots of other STudio session work.

Now Dean's doing his own thing and hope you will enjoy his "Journey to the Sun".

Dean will also be featured on the upcoming compilation that will feature a number of SxTx tracks done as inSTrumentals and ‪2 new covers of ST‬ songs...

Nisha STar with her version of "Alone":‬ and 22BELOW with their version of "Monopoly on Sorrow":‬

Look for the full video release soon and more details on Dean and other projects coming up!

Be safe, STay STrong! STay Cyco!