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Happy 90th Birthday to the infamous Big Daddy Muir, father to the Muir bros, Jim(Dogtown Skates)  and Mike (Suicidal Tendencies)! 
Whether you bought a shirt from him live at the Olympic Auditorium back in the day or talked to him on the phone at Triple M, or just heard some of his great quotes as told by Mike live or in interviews, "Mean Gene" as he was fondly referred to is still holding on STrong and proudly wearing his favorite ST and Dogtown clothes.
Born in Oakland to immigrants, he moved down to Venice when after graduating from college and marrying his lovely wife "Amazing Grace". 
They both STarted the day off at the gym :)
All the best to Mr. and Mrs. Muir and all the ST family young and not quite as young :)
and please join in and wishing Mean Gene another Happy Birthday and today or tomorrow do something special in his honor!
P.S. Enjoy the picture of classic Mean Gene as seen on the back of the Welcome to Venice LP