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It's the Super Bowl week!
Our own LA RAMS are ready for the big clash against the PATRIOTS this Sunday in Atlanta and hope you are all as excited as we are.

Whatever Football means to you, we got you covered with a new Kick Ass design!
Let's celebrate sports with the new Suicidal Futbol Club ST FC and our classic ST Football Team shirts...and make sure to check out all the available SxTx Football gear on our webstore.

If that's not enough, after such big demand we finally have back in stock a brand new version of our ST beanies!
Classic embroidered ST logo on front and ST FLS embroidered brick logo on back, beanies are custom made for us and tagged with the classic Suicidal label.

Orders fulfilled in 24h top you still have time to stock up for the big match this Sunday shop with confidence at our WEBSTORE!