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Infectious Grooves

Infectious Grooves are back on the road, taking their own special brand of Funk, Punk and insane musicians, starting with the SOUNDAWAVE festival across Australia! 

Infectious Grooves was formed soon after Robert Trujillo joined Suicidal Tendencies in 1989. Mike Muir, Suicidal’s singer, and Trujillo got together with a few friends and started writing songs centered more around the bass, but with the intent of giving everyone else a whole lot of freedom. “Sex Pistols and Parliament were my two favorite bands when I was young” says Muir. “People think they are completely different but I saw a lot of similarities, even if musically they were categorized as completely different styles. There’s something beautiful about breaking rules that never should have been made.” 

The Plague that’s still gonna make your booty move in ways you didn’t think possible…Infectious Grooves are back! The Plague is back!

Suicidal Records

We started suicidal records up again when st got back together in 1996. This gives us a great vehicle to control how and what is done with the band. We are a very small label, but we hope to continue to learn and grow and put out some very cool and unique music in the future, not just SxTx.  We have a few cycos and cycettes that work with and for us now, and a lot of friends that have volunteered their time to help us out. Hopefully we'll continue to grow and be able to hire more people with the same drive and love of music that we all have.

Right now though we are completely swamped with projects and work to take on any other projects. We are not accepting any more c.d.'s to listen to as we have already received hundreds and it is impossible to listen to them all and tell you "what we think".we're not critics, and your opinion should be more valuable to you than ours. To be honest, st never gave a demo out when we started, and two, we being from the band side of things, would never put someone else's music out if we could not do more than just the minimum things that we would expect for our own c.d.s. Hopefully in the future that will change.
We presently are working out deals to ensure our records can be distributed around the world and be as convenient as possible for you to obtain. This is a difficult process as we are located in the states, so it may take some time before the releases are as readily available as they have been in the past. Please note that we plan on getting the merchandise section up so that everyone can order from us if they have a problem locating our c.d.'s and we're willing to work directly with your favorite store to cut them a deal if they want to buy directly from us. 

We also plan on doing a lot of limited editions, and special unique projects. We reserve the right to release more though if it gets silly on ebay, etc. We want to make cool music for you, not for you to sell to someone else that's a big fan cause it's out of print. So just so you know, limited editions will probably always be available through us, even if they are no longer in stores. Bootlegs and unathorized releases are all pieces of shit as far as we are concerned. We wont sign them, we don't wanna see them, and we hope you wont buy them and make some lazy fat fuck money for being a low life thief. I think you get our views on this.

If you would like to put a link to our website from yours you can, but we don't do links to other websites. We get far to many requests and quite frankly it would get pretty silly. Please don't ask any of our bands or band members to sign your guestbook, this obviously is not what we are about. If you can't figure that out you are in the wrong site.

We get lots of emails and appreciate you taking the time and effort to write. Please allow a little time for us to get back to you. You would be surprised by how many emails we get some days and it's quite time consuming trying to answer each and every special request. Oh, and if you send an email telling us to send you a free shirt and c.d. Or we're not cool, don't wait by the mail box. Please remember, we try to be helpful, but we don't kiss ass.


Filmed on location in France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands during the 2013 and 2014 Slam City and Persistence Tours. Additional footage from Madrid and Budapest. Huge shout out to all the CYCO support from the following people.

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